2017 Ottawa Golf Trail Agreement


About this Agreement: (the "Agreement"). The Pass Holder is referred to as "you", "Pass Holder" or "Trail Pass", and Ottawa Golf Trail is referred to as "Ottawa Golf Trail", "us", "we" or "The Trail". Please read everything carefully. This agreement is an electronic agreement made over the internet or remotely and signed or accepted electronically or remotely by you. Your signed Agreement is subject to acceptance by Ottawa Golf Trail.

  1. Our Responsibilities: By signing this Agreement we accept you as a Pass Holder of the Ottawa Golf Trail, subject to the terms and conditions of being a pass holder. Each golf course participating in the Ottawa Golf Trail has agreed to allow 40 individual player slots per day, during the applicable golf season, for use by Pass Holders. A tee time is comprised of one to four individual player slots. However, given the nature of the golf industry, it is understood that there may be occassional exceptions to the number of player slots available at a particular course (e.g. if an individual course may be hosting a day long tournament).
  2. Your Responsibilities: By signing this Agreement you agree to abide by the policies of the Ottawa Golf Trail, including, but not limited to, the "Booking Policy" and the "Cancellation and No Show Policy" (available at ottawagolftrail.com). You also acknowledge that you are not guaranteed a player slot on a particular course on any given day.
  3. Rules, Regulations and Policies: Please be advised that the rules, regulations and policies of the Ottawa Golf Trail will be posted on the Ottawa Golf Trail website (at ottawagolftrail.com). Policies may change from time to time.
    1. The Ottawa Golf Trail "Booking Policy" outlines the process for booking golf times as a Pass Holder. Bookings may be made online through the Ottawa Golf Trail website ( www.ottawagolftrail.com) or by calling the participating course to book a tee time. Pass Holders should be advised that they will be required to show both their Trail Pass, as well as another piece of identification at the club where they will be playing on the day of the booking. The Trail Pass card will not be accepted at any of the participating clubs for tee-times not made in accordance with the Ottawa Golf Trail booking policies.
    2. The Ottawa Golf Trail "Cancellation and No Show Policy" stipulates that, if unable to play at the pre-booked time, the Pass Holder must provide advance notice to the golf course of the need to cancel the booked time. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your Trail Pass, without refund, in keeping with the rules and regulations outlined in the Ottawa Golf Trail "Cancellation and No Show Policy".
  4. Term: This agreement commences at time of acceptance of your Trail Pass by the Ottawa Golf Trail. An auto generated email to note 'acceptance' will be sent to you once payment has been processed by the Ottawa Golf Trail. Your 2017 Ottawa Golf Trail expires on December 31, 2017. Your 2017 Ottawa Golf Trail pass is for use during the 2017 golf season. It is acknowledged that the golf season typically runs between early April and early November and that the golf season is subject to change, as it is dependent on the weather and/or playing conditions of the participating courses. Each participating course retains the right to determine the duration of their course's golf season (i.e. opening and closing dates).
  5. Refund Policy: The purchase of an Ottawa Golf Trail Pass constitutes a final sale and is non-refundable.
  6. Assignment by Pass Holder: Trail Passes are non-transferable. This Agreement is personal to you. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement to anyone else. Any attempt to sell, assign, or transfer this Agreement without the approval of the Ottawa Golf Trail is null and void and will result in cancellation of your Trail Pass immediately without any refund.
  7. Fees: All applicable government taxes, including Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), will be added to all payments/fees.
  8. Payment Obligations Absolute: You are obliged to pay us the entire balance owing under this Agreement. We will not reduce, discount or cancel your obligation because you do not make use of your Ottawa Golf Trail Pass.
  9. Rain checks: Each participating club will deal individually with rain checks. The provision of a rain check voucher will be at the sole discretion of the specific golf course.
  10. Trail Pass cards: Golf Trails Inc. will issue you a 2017 Trail Pass card (the "Card"). You will need it to show proof of participation in the 2017 Ottawa Golf Trail. Pass Holders will be required to show both their 2017 Ottawa Golf Trail Pass/Card, as well as another piece of identification at the clu b where they will be playing on the day of the booking. The Card belongs to Ottawa Golf Trail and is for your personal use only. If anyone else uses it we may cancel your Trail Pass immediately with no refund. Lost, stolen or destroyed Cards will be replaced for a fee payable by the Pass Holder of $15 plus HST.
  11. Other offers: Ottawa Golf Trail Passes may not be used in conjunction with other green fee offers or discounts and may not be used for league or tournament rounds.
  12. Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by the laws of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein.